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I wanted to sincerely thank you for all you did to ensure my order made it to my niece. She was to deliver at one hospital in Medford and at the last minute was switched to another. I had placed the order without knowing of the change and your team took it upon themselves to find her and deliver the flowers as scheduled. Living in Colorado I am appreciative of the initiative they took; I didn't have to worry about a thing and received a conformation email stating the bouquet had been delivered, which included a note about the change in hospital. Thanks so much, excellent service!

I was told that the flowers were indeed stunning -- really exceptional and delivered on time. The service was excellent.Thank you. Nancy

I ordered Stargazer Lillies online for my friend who was just out of the hospital. In the morning I got a call back from a young lady who said your shop didn't have any stargazer lillies. When I asked for any other lillies she said there weren't any lillies of any kind. She asked if she could maybe make an arrangement with some snapdragons and something nice. I asked her what flowers were available and she said there were a lot of roses, so I asked her to use her own judgement. She told me the flowers could not be delivered until after 3 PM since they were doing a big funeral and there was no one to deliver it. I told her that it wasn't an emergency or anything so it was okay if they weren't delivered until next week sometime. Later that day my friend called me to thank me for such a lovely bouquet. She said it arrived just after 3PM and that it must have been hard to deliver since it was snowing pretty hard outside. I was glad she got it so soon and that she liked it so much, especially since it was obviously not a great day to deliver flowers. Thank you for the extra effort.

Loved the flowers that were sent to my mother-in-laws!! You guys are the BEST!!

The service and the flowers are exceptional. Family and staff who send flowers know that when they order directly from Carousel they will get what they ordered or better and the flowers will last longer. As the recipient I am very happy with the quality and am always surprised with the variety of flowers/creative materials included in the presentation. Thank you for being in White City, close to my work.

Very helpful staff. Excellent customer service.

I live in Australia and found Carousel Flowers on the internet. I ordered some flowers to be delivered to a friend who lives in Oregon and the staff - especially Eryn did everything they could to make sure my flowers got delivered. Ordering things over the internet internationally can always go wrong but I would like to thank the staff at Carousel Flowers for their awesome customer service. I will definitely use them again if I am sending flowers again. Thanks again.

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